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Previous artists

The Gallery Zone proudly presents her previous artists.

Lotta de Beus

Time flies. We start 2015, with a next Gallery Opening. Like last year we will have the gallery opening party during the Hotel Night which was held at Saturday January the 17th. The new Gallery Zone will exhibit art from Lotta de Beus – The Romantic Escape. Please see her website for more information


Nancy Schoenmakers

Nancy was born in the Netherlands and is based in Amsterdam, she has a great passion for fashion photography. She got her Bachelor of Education in Visual Art and Design at the Utrecht School of Arts. During this time she studied at the Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia as an exchange student. After that she studied fashion and commercial photography at the Royal Academy of Art in Den Haag and graduated in 2008. ​ Her style of photography is a mix between glossy and edgy. It's feminine, bold, colorful, fresh and glamorous. Discover more here.


Bas Losekoot - Per la Citta

This talented young artist won  the famous Young Talent Award in 2003. Since then he strongly developed as a photographer in a versatile way. Because of his love for Italian Cinema, he leaves to Rome directly after his graduation, in search for Cinecittà, the world of Fellini’s movies from the sixties. Find out more about Bas Losekoot by discovering his work here.


Yvon de Witte

With this exhibition, Yvon de Witte returned to Park Hotel of her childhood where she frequently visited her family that stayed in the hotel. Artist Yvon de Witte has mainly been producing drawings, paintings and photos of figures with a clear signature together with a kind of transparency and lucidity.

In the painting De Witte showed at The Gallery Zone, she approaches her work in a way that is allowing her to paint, while driven by inner forces which brings natural inspiration. Her work radiates peacefulness; the reflection of her soul frozen on paper. Get inspired and bring a visit over


Roberta Marroquin Doria 

For the first time she showed her work in Europe, certainly something that Park Hotel is really proud of. In her research of the uncanny, this Mexican artist used photography as a support of the imaginary with light as her tool. Her domains of predilection are spaces filled with darkness and with light she unveils a new universe, which unfolds trough the viewer’s imagination.

Dreams, death and dread are recurring topics in her work. The series Dans le Noir is more complex and strident then her work before this series. The photographs derived from a similar worldview, the two disparate cultures that coexist in Mexico, the modern Christianity with Indian beliefs. Discover Doria's whole collection


Will Falize

Will Falize is a fashion photographer who was born in a Gipsy family in the south of the Netherlands. At the age of fifteen he visited his first photo-shoot in a studio. From that moment on Falize was fascinated by the atmosphere he knew what he wanted to become in life; a professional photographer. Falize photographed women. Women with ‘depth’ as he calls it. He watches the gaze, the mirror of the soul. He is looking for women who struggle with theirself in search for truth and love.


Yoram Roth 

Yoram Roth is a fine art photographer, focused on creating fine art images and photo-book projects. His work utilizes the language of fashion photography to play with story elements, and to engage the viewer in images that require a level of personal interpretation. Yoram creates tableau images which seem familiar to us. They spring from our contemporary myths, the movies and paintings of the 1950s, but whose meaning is reliant on our investing the image with our own narrative and psychological assumption.


Flore Zoé - Spirits

Flore Zoé has been passionate about photography from an early age, she was fascinated by the forming and setting of images. Her passion is the creation of images. Flore Zoé communicates stories through her images; “in my work I mount and direct individuals and surroundings, thus telling my own story”. A large part of her artwork consists of emotions wrapped up in an autobiographical form.

Zoé exposes with her series Spirit. The concept; the military hospital is desolated, breathing out the atmosphere of the lives of the nuns and soldiers they took care of… It is a tribute to those who have lived and worked there. Discover more about Flore Zoé over here